Friday, 12 October 2012

Well I thought it would be a good time to present some new information.

When I intend to build this layout, I am going to re-create the 5-span McDonald Truss road bridge that existed over the Georges River. It was constructed in approx 1894 and demolished approx 1958, to make way for the New Bridge, which they renamed the road Newbridge Road, from Terminus Street Liverpool to Henry Lawson Drive Moorebank.

Here are a sample of some of the plans of the McDonald Truss Road Bridge, that I have been able to obtain from the RTA today,

It is similar in style to the bridges at Galston, Junction and McKanes, that still exist.

Here are some early photos of the bridge,

and the bridge overlooking Liverpool Railway Station,

The road bridge over the Georges River had to be replaced as it restricted traffic movement (it only allowed one way traffic) and posed a safety risk (during a flood in the 1950s it shifted).

In 1958, at Terminus Street, they demolished some houses for the New Bridge,

Here are some early photos of Terminus Street and Speed Street,

and started construction,

The New Bridge was opened on Saturday 15th March 1958 at 2.30 pm by the then Premier J Cahill,

The old bridge was then demolished and then the area reverted back to the railways. Recently, 2011/2012, it was resumed for the extension of the Southern Sydney Freight Line,

The only remnant of the old bridge was the brick abutment and that lasted until early January 2012,

If you are interested in Timber Road Bridges, the RTA, now RMS (Roads and Maritime Service), have undertaken a Timber Conservation Plan,

Now is the time to take photos before your favourite bridge disappears.

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