Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Well, hasnt the subject of Liverpool and its immediate area created some interest, in particular, the bus companies that serviced the railway station.

On the Bus Australia forum, we have at least 3 posts on the Hammondville Bus Service,

and 2 posts on the Moorebank/Holsworthy line,

but the most important photographs amongst all these posts are those of the bus coming off the old timber bridge, crossing the Georges River. This bridge was superseded by the new bridge called Newbridge Rd on 19th March 1958.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Well has time has flown since my last post and what an interesting few months it has been.

I have been successful in acquiring more photos of the railway station and its environs but the SM's house remains elusive. The simple explanation is that either it wasnt as photogenic as the station area or that everyone thought it would be there forever more.

Anyway, I thought I would dedicate this post to railway accidents. I realise this is an unfortunate subject matter but Liverpool Railway Station has had three accidents - two of which involved fatalities.

The first one occurred on 16th July 1962.

According to the book, Broken Journey, by K Pearce, the following occurred,

I have been able to source from the web the following photos of the accident. I have also been able to obtain a copy of the Railway's Inquiry into the Accident, as this is now Public Access, from State Records. 

The second accident occurred on 31 October 1965. According to the book, Broken Journey, by K Pearce, the following occurred,

Unfortunately, the Railway Inquiry is not available from State Records, however, I have been able to obtain from my colleague, Ben Ryan, the following photographs, which have never been shown to the general public,

There is another photograph of the accident in Geoff Moss's book, Sydney's Electric Trains: A Personal History,

The third accident occurred on 4th February 1967. I dont have the exact details or any photographs. According to Railway Digest, June 1967,

If anyone has photographs, can they please send them to me, it would be greatly appreciated.