Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I would like to now draw my attention to the personnel that used to work at Liverpool Railway Station.

I have been able to source from the Council publication, Liverpool 1810-1939, an extract that stated that a Mr G Mitchell worked as the SM from 1926 to 1939,

In my conversations with the then Head Shunter, Bill Leroy, who worked in Liverpool from approx 1961 to 1981, as shown below on the footplate of a 48 class,

he stated that the SM prior to taking up his position was Mr W. Grainger and that after approx 1961 was a Mr Burt Crampton (open for correction). However, from the Liverpool Leader, 27th October 1965, page 1, it states that a Mr A Krempin was the SM.

Bill had a reunion with former railwaymen some time ago and was able to provide these photos,

Gerry in uniform
Bill with 2 other Liverpool railwaymen

100th Birthday of former SM

In the Liverpool Leader, 26th May 1965, page 22, it states the following, 

It appears that Mr Bert Stanley's father, Mr J Stanley, worked in the Liverpool Per Way Gang with Mr J O'Grady and Mr B Smith, and that Mr J Stanley's daughters, Grace, Kate and Mary worked the Hospital  level crossing, that existed across the Up and Down Main Line.

In the Liverpool Leader, 21st Dec 1964, page 12, it states the following:

 It appears that the late Mr A Loftus was a previous SM of Liverpool as well.

I would be interested to hear from fellow railwaymen that worked in Liverpool.

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