Saturday, 5 September 2015

Well my talks at the MRNSW went very well. At first I was nervous, which was expected, and then after 3 talks on the day, I was exhausted.

I was then asked to present a talk at Liverpool Genealogical Society which was done. And now I have been asked to do another talk at the City of Liverpool and District Historical Society. I think I should charge a fee and become a full-time speaker.

Anyway, I have some great news. My local council has approved the construction of my shed at my property in the Picton/Thirlmere area.

I intend to build a shed 25m x 10m of which the majority of the room will be devoted to a model of Liverpool. It will be set in the years 1955-early 1957; as in early 1957 the Challenge Woollen Mills siding were removed from the railway system. It will be based on the track plan of 1943.

I will keep you posted on developments.