Monday, 29 February 2016

Development of Track Plans (courtesy of ARHS)

When the line was opened in 1856, it was single line from Dog Trap Road and unfortunately, no plans exist.

The earliest plan that does exists dates from 1888,

When duplication reached Liverpool, another platform was added and it became Platforms 2/3.

 You will note that the signal box was located on Platform 1.

 The next major development was the construction of the Holdsworthy Line. To provide better viewing of the new line, the signal box was relocated to the northern end of Platforms 2/3.

In 1924, the yard was modified again.

In 1929, electrification reached Liverpool and the signaling in the yard was modified,

In 1943, the yard was modified again, and it basically remained in this condition until 1956, when the Collingwood Woollen Siding was disconnected from the Down Siding, and then in 1968 when electrification was extended to Campbelltown. This plan shows Liverpool at its peak and this is the trackplan that I will be modelling on my next layout,